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Court claims for unpaid annual fees

Petchey Leisure includes the following clubs and resorts:-

If you have received a County Court claim for unpaid annual fees ..............

Recently a number of timeshare owners in Petchey Leisure clubs have received County Court claims for un-paid annual fees. So far only owners in Clube Praia D’Oura (Portugal) and Club Infiniti have received claims but it is possible that other clubs may be included in the future.

We believe that these claims can be successfully defended.

If they are not successfully defended – or you pay the amount demanded - you (and your children) could be obliged to pay every year, possibly for ever.

We have arranged for a leading firm of solicitors, Linder Myers in Manchester, to act on a shared cost basis to defend owners who have received a court claim

If you have received threats of legal action from a business called Kings Ranson or have actually received a County Court claim and want join a group of people in the same situation then please complete the questionnaire below. Completeing the questionnaire does not incur you in any cost. Linder Myers will then contact you to discuss how best your defence can be handled.

If you know of anyone else who may benefit from this information, please let them know.

Update 16 March 2011.

A group of defendants who had received County Court claims from Kings Ransom had the claims against them struck out in the Manchester County Court. The Court also ordered Kings Ransom to pay the defendants costs. The defence was managed by solicitors Linder Myers.

Update 7 July 2012

Petchey Lesiure is taken over by Magnum Global Holdings registered in Singapore but managed from India.



Tick which club are you a member of:-

Date of Court claim:

Who issued the claim: ("Claimant")

Amount claimed £

Do you intend to defend:  Yes    No

Do you intend to counterclaim:  Yes    No

Have you returned the Acknowledgement of Service (see Note 1 below)  Yes    No

Have you lodged a defence (see Note 2 below)  Yes    No

Is there is anything important the solicitors should know? If so please set out briefly below.


If you are willing for your completed questionnaire to be passed to Linder Myers LLP. and for them to contact you about it.



  1. If you have received a County Court claim should return the "Acknowledgement of Service" to the Court within 14 days of the date of service. If you intend to defend the claim then you should tick the relevant box on the Acknoledgement. This will automaitcally have the claim transferred to your own local County Court.
  2. If you have ticked the box to defend in the Acknolwdgement of Service then you must send your statement of defence to the Court within 28 days of the date of service. If you join the Linder Myers group then Linder Myers will draft the defence for you.
March 2011