Timeshare Consumer Advice

Welcome to the Timeshare Consumers Association Portal. If you are seeking information on any kind of timeshare, vacation ownership, holiday club or fractional property then we hope the information contained within these pages will impart some useful, practical advice.

Since there are already sites running on a full time basis, some of which provide consumers with good, quality and worthwhile advice, timeshare.org.uk won’t attempt to reinvent the wheel! Instead the pages here aim to give a clear overview on key topics such as purchasing or selling timeshare, major news and interesting articles.

Useful Information

What Is Timeshare?

A brief overview of timeshare, where the concept came from, how it grew, previous lack of legislation and the various types of timeshares available today.

Buying Timeshare

General advice on buying, what timeshare might best suit you and a look at developer sales versus the resales market.

How To Cancel a Timeshare

How to cancel a timeshare puchase within your cooling off period and what to consider if you are outside of the cooling off period.

Timeshare Scams

A look at timeshare scams targeting existing owners looking at selling their timeshare, how to identify and avoid them and dealing with cold callers.